where can I buy galvanized sheet metal for import or export

One of the popular questions in the market is, where can I buy galvanized sheet metal for import or export? Today, many metal products are made from steel sheets, but it can be seen that these types of steel sheets come in different sizes and are used for specific purposes. Regarding the import and export of these plates, you should know that since Iran is one of the largest producers of these plates, it is also considered one of the exporters of steel plates.

Steel sheet:

It is one of the most widely used types of steel sheet and generally has a flatter surface than steel, iron, or other metal. This metal is obtained by hot rolling steel metal and is produced in coils and coils in factories. One of the most important advantages of using steel sheets is that these sheets are of different types and can be manufactured according to the conditions of use.

A board of one of the steel plates:

As previously mentioned, there are different types of steel plates, one of which is a board or heating plate.

These plates are divided into two types, industrial and ordinary, and are produced and sold in different standards. However, you should know that one of the most important uses of black hot plate is its use in various industries such as construction, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy metal industry, special tanks, etc.

One of the most widely used and common of these sheets is the st37 sheet which is moderately flexible and rigid and widely used for structural purposes such as frame construction and shed construction. In addition, industrial boards are also used in petrochemical projects, dam construction, and other applications. Note that this type of steel sheet is available in the market in two forms, coil and sheet, both of which can be cut to different sizes.

Interestingly, these sheets can be sold in two forms, coil and sheet, in thicknesses only up to 15 mils, and only in raw sheet form if you need sheets 15 mil and above.

Introduction of oiled plate:

Another type of steel plate is the oil steel plate, also known as cold rolled steel plate because these steel plates become thinner and wider under pressure and rolling. In fact, everyone should know that the production of oiled sheets adopts a special process, so it is called cold-rolled sheets.

The appearance of these sheets also caused a change in common terminology due to the oily and beautiful appearance of these sheets. In the production of oiled sheets, cold rolling is used as mentioned before, which gives these sheets a particularly good appearance, and the most important use of oiled sheets is as a basis for the production of galvanized or white sheets.

What is a stain board?

Another type of steel plate is pickled plate, which is made from hot plate and pickled during the production process. In the process, some of its impurities are removed, causing it to shine, remove its dullness, and somewhat resemble oil paper in appearance.

Interestingly, the process used for these sheets uses hydrochloric acid, during which grease is removed from the sheets. One of the main reasons for pickling boards is to improve the surface quality of the boards, leading to the direct use of pickled boards in the market.

You should also know that if the sheet is cold rolled without pickling and deoxidation, it will damage the polished surface of the cold rolls, making the cold rolling process difficult.

View of other steel plates:

Coated in flakes are also oil flakes with a layer of zinc tin placed on top. Note that these plates can generally be said to be the same as black hot-rolled plates. Additionally, in a few different special cases, these plates can be coated with a polymer to further protect the metal.

One of the most important uses of these steel sheets is to prevent rust, and the most common use of these steel sheets is in the production of cans. In the past, coated tin sheets were also used to make pots and trays. You should know that these sheets are also used to make auto parts such as oil filters, washing machines, and electrical parts for machines.

In construction, it is also used in ceiling fences, fins, reinforced valves, roof coverings, and industrial and commercial exterior wall coverings, as well as other building accessories.

On the other hand, tin is also widely used in household appliances, the main of which can be used for cake molds, airbag components, sprays, beverage bottles, bottle caps, food packaging, etc., and the final use is for electrical and electronic equipment manufactures electrical components and batteries.

Another type of steel is colored steel, which is produced in the same way as galvanized steel by painting in special ovens. Please note that one of the most important properties of colored plates is that the colors used are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, therefore the use of these plates is suitable for alkaline, acidic, or high humidity environments, on the other hand, for use that requires a nice sheet look, use colored sheets.

For example, these plates are used in the production of washing machines, the main part of warehouses and workshops, the roofs of workshops, false ceilings, the interior and exterior of buildings, water heaters, refrigerators, stationary and mobile caravans, office equipment, gas stoves, and many other things.

The main colors used to make these plates include charcoal blue, Nissan blue, orange, yellow, lemon yellow, purple, grass green, dark green, pink, clay brown, and coffee. He pointed to burnt, red, tomato red, cream, and glacier white.

where can I buy galvanized sheet metal for export

following the question of where can I buy galvanized sheet metal for export, we have to talk a little more about the export itself. In the previous part, we mentioned some parts of the steel family.

Tinplate is another type of steel sheet which belongs to the tinplate category and is produced and sold in different thicknesses. The most common uses for these sheets are food, tea tins, and vegetable oils. In addition, these plates are widely used in concert production, knowing that when tin plates are used for food packaging, they are covered with a single layer of tin.

Introduction of blinds:

Shutter panels are another type of steel sheet, galvanized and colored sheets sent to the market according to design. However, these sheets cannot of course be distinguished from colored and galvanized sheets in terms of length, width and thickness.

Regarding the price of the damper, this kind of sheet is obviously more expensive than the color sheet and the galvanized sheet. The most important application of shutters is covering pitched roofs and is divided into different categories such as sine shutters, hatched shutters, ceramic shutters and trapezoidal shutters.

Export of steel sheets:

Regarding the import and export of steel plates, you should know that these steel plates are one of Iran’s most sought-after exports. Of course, there are also countries that produce higher quality plates and export them to Iran.

But in general, you should know that it is exported from Iran to Qatar, Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Northern Cyprus, Kuwait, etc. Among the most important export products in steel sheets are galvanized sheets and hot and cold rolled plates.

Interestingly, the largest export volume of the galvanized sheet from the country took place from 2013 to 2015, while the largest buyers of the galvanized sheet from Iran are Afghanistan and Iraq. Also know that one of the world’s largest importers of galvanized sheets is Germany, followed by the United States, and the main exporters of these sheets to Germany and the United States are China and South Korea.

Import and export of galvanized sheet:

Typically, oiled sheets are converted to galvanized sheets in stages. However, as another type of steel plate, these steel plates are produced over a long time, so the amount of zinc metal in microns is deposited on the entire surface of the oil plate, which makes the steel plate extremely resistant to rust. As a result, these sheets are called galvanized sheets.


Note that the zinc coating on the surface of the galvanized plate is called the coating, the higher the content of zinc metal, the higher the coating of the plate, therefore the quality of the plate is better. As you know, large quantities of the galvanized sheet are imported from China, Japan, India, and Korea.

The coating quality of Chinese plates is between 100 and 120, and the coating quality of galvanized plates in Japan, India, and South Korea is as high as 180, so the price is naturally higher. The main applications of galvanized sheets include the automotive industry, agriculture, transportation, billboards, and manufacturing accessories such as heating pipes, paper pipes, kitchen cabinets, cooling ducts, and water pipes, and other corroded parts. There is an iron note.

Note that today the largest producers of galvanized sheets are in Asia, with China and South Korea being the largest exporters of these sheets. In 2016, China’s export statistics were 27% and South Korea’s was 10%.

Export of galvanized sheets:

Galvanized sheet is a steel sheet coated with a protective layer, which is mainly zinc.

In fact, steel is galvanized in this way, which is considered one of the best ways to prevent corrosion in metals. Metals that act as shielding metals corrode and protect base metals from corrosion.

The thicker the protective metal, the greater the resistance. Galvanized sheets differ in the formation of galvanized crystals and are divided into three categories: no flower, small flower and large flower. The main use of these plates is where the probability of corrosion is high and this corrosion can cause damage.

Galvanized sheet is of strategic importance due to its use in large and important industries in many industries such as automotive, agriculture, transportation, electronics, etc.

The advantages of galvanized sheet:

The methods used to prevent corrosion in these plates are cheaper than similar methods and do not require much maintenance.

The lifespan of this kind of sheet is very long, generally around 20 to 30 years. Due to the penetration of zinc into the steel, this method increases the steel’s resistance to various types of corrosion and impact, dents, and damage, and can be adapted to all weather conditions. Galvanized sheet has a short production time and can be produced in large quantities during critical periods.

Export of galvanized sheets:

In the past few years, we have seen a decrease in the export of iron and therefore the export statistics for galvanized sheets, mainly due to the lack of clear and constant rules for exports. Because over the past few years, very strict guidelines and directives on sanctions from some of the most influential countries in the world have made export conditions difficult for many of our industries, especially the steel industry, whose export statistics have fallen.

At present, the main production of the galvanized sheet is in Asia, so about 50% of the global production of the galvanized sheet is dedicated to Asia. At the same time, China and South Korea are the world’s largest exporters of the galvanized sheet, with the export volume from China and South Korea accounting for 27% and 10% respectively in 2016. Belgium and Italy can be considered in the following rankings of export statistics for the galvanized sheet.

The Market Analysis and Evaluation Bureau has announced that the steel export market will be stable in 2019, and if it can be stabilized, it will create better conditions for producers and exporters. These agencies predict stability in such a way that we will witness a balance between supply and demand and a cycle of debt reduction in the steel market sector.

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