Vintage Two Way Slab Steel Producers

Vintage Two Way Slab Steel Producers They try to get the highest quality of this raw skeleton from the production centers and the product that finally reaches the customers is a suitable product. These people, who are exporters, trade with more countries and earn more income from the export of skeletons.

Vintage Two Way Slab Steel Producers

What Is Two Way Slab?

What Is Two Way Slab? Slab is a semi-finished steel product; Which is obtained by rolling ingots in a rolling machine or by continuous casting and is cut to different lengths. Its cross section is rectangular and it is used as a raw material in the production process of flat products. The thickness of this semi-finished steel product is flat and rectangular, 160 mm and more. Usually a significant number of industries use this steel.

two way slab steel applications as follows:

Steel slabs are mostly used in the heavy machinery industry and in the production of steel plates or coils. Like billets, shaping processes are performed on this steel. However, they are always rectangular in shape and do not deform. Typically, they are made by flat rolling and are further converted into lattice plates, sheet metal, tubes and tubes.

Slabs are mostly made of carbon steel but can also be made of stainless steel. Their chemical properties vary, but most of them contain important elements such as iron, copper, chromium, molybdenum, manganese, nickel and silicon. Their properties are specified by standard coding and are usually engraved on the end of the slab

3 Difference between One Way and Two Way Slab

3 Difference between One Way and Two Way Slab Slab is one of the most important components in the construction of any structure and building whose main task is to create smooth surfaces on the roof and floor of the building. Concrete slab design is very important in balancing the structure and therefore must be done very carefully. Concrete slabs have different types depending on their application, which we will become more familiar with in the following.

Steel slabs are generally divided into one-way and two-way categories based on the required strength, the degree of support of the roof beams and the load-bearing capacity rate. Therefore, the types of concrete slabs available also fall into one of these two categories.

one way slab:

In making this type of slab, on-site framing method is used, which includes fixing the formwork, installing the components and finally pouring fresh concrete on the formwork. One-sided slabs are used on roof beams, mostly for heights of 63 meters and live weight between 3 to 5 kN/m2. Of course, these types of slabs can also be used for larger sizes, but the cost and curvature of the slab also increases for the added amount, which affects the cost of the entire project.

two way slab:

These slabs are prefabricated and a type of wire is passed through them. This will enable it to withstand both the weight of the slab and the productivity of the building. In addition, this wire can be used as a service pipe. Hollow slabs are mostly used when we need fast construction and there is not much time to build other slabs.

Two Way Slab Steel Direct Supply

Two Way Slab Steel Direct Supply The supply of Two Way Slab Steel has become possible online and directly, and loved ones who are looking to purchase and supply all kinds of these products without intermediaries and by eliminating brokers can meet their needs directly through the factory and production of this type of construction products. . You can contact us to buy the best type of first-class slabs in different colors with different designs and dimensions.

Slab steel is supplied directly and directly through our website, which is why its price has been reduced. There are also special discounts for esteemed buyers, but due to the fact that the technology and technology of these products are not very sophisticated, they will naturally not have a very high price and it is possible for everyone to buy it.


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