Price of 3sp Steel Billets

3sp steel billets are the more well-known scientific term CCM worldwide. If the ingot is consumed directly from ccm production, it is called ccm or billet. The ingot, also called ingot, is taller than the ingot and its circular or square surface is less than 15 cm wide, in other words, its cross section is less than 230 cm2. The moguls are mostly used to produce rebars and wires.

Billets are produced in different categories such as 3sp and 5sp. 3 sp ingot that has more flexibility and flexibility in terms of traction, bending and twisting. The 5sp ticket is not flexible and is used when the structure is not exposed to force and pressure and is almost stable. The price of a 3 sp billet is higher.

Price of 3sp Steel Billets

High Quality 3sp Steel Billets for Industrial Use

High Quality 3sp Steel Billets for Industrial Use premium steel billets are made in Iran because these products, which are produced in Khuzestan province, have many customers from different cities due to their high quality. When they enter the market, they are available to customers at reasonable prices. Billet production is done with very new methods. All samples are produced in Khuzestan and large industries are used to produce various products. These billets are considered as first class samples in terms of quality.

steel billets products Billet is one of the most popular products of middle rolled steel, which is produced with a circular and square cross section. The longer length of the billet than the ingot has led to the use of billets in the production of rebars and wires (products that require longer lengths). The surface of the billet is less than 15 cm wide.

Bloom is typically a taller billet that also has a larger cross section. Bloom is used to make beams. Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns. Slabs are another steel product made from steel ingots. The slab has a rectangular cross section and a length of 4 to 12 meters and is used in the manufacture of steel sheets.

steel billets use or ingots is practically unusable until they come in more efficient shapes and sizes. Although the billets have already been placed in the oven, they still have several forming and molding methods, such as hot and cold work, before they are sold in tool shops or used for a variety of applications. , Need to grind and cut. However, deformed bullion can be used with significant currencies such as coins as well as gold bullion-like reserves.

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3sp Steel Billets in Chemical Composition

3sp Steel Billets in Chemical Composition The chemical composition of the billet has a significant effect on the energy consumption and refractory of electric arc furnaces. Product quality is determined by metallization and residual oxygen, and the higher the metallization percentage and the lower the FeO content, the higher the free iron content of sponge iron. Of course, the presence of carbon, which is in the form of Fe3C, is very important.

Carbon combines with oxygen to form puffy slag and exotherm, reducing the consumption of refractory, energy, electrodes and slag-forming materials. In this research, first the current conditions, which include the study of smelting instructions, chemical composition of products and slag. Then the effect of chemical composition of the product of the two suppliers was investigated.

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3Sp Steel Billets at Best Price

3Sp Steel Billets at Best Price Steel ingots are central products in the production of other steel sections such as beams, rebars, steel sheets, etc. In fact, this product is crude and base steel and the basis for the production of other steel products. Its production method is three methods of direct reduction, blast furnace and tunnel furnace, which in Iran, the production method in factories is different.

For example, Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan, Chadormelo and Khuzestan Steel Factory (producers of ingot by electric arc furnace method) and Isfahan Steel (producer of steel ingot by blast furnace method) are in Iran. Also, this product is produced and marketed in three forms: bloom, billet and fabric (steel ingots that are cut to the desired dimensions after production).

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