Plating of Steel and Various Metals: Reason for Steel Plating

Do you know what metal plating is and how it is done? Which metals are used to plate other metals? What are the advantages of the job and what tools are needed? Stay at Berjisironco and we will check the answers to all these questions. We explain the electroplating of steel and different metals. stay with us.

The process of placing one layer of metal on top of another is called metal plating. For example, copper metal can be gilded; that is, he covered it with a thin layer of gold. Alternatively, the steel metal can be electroplated. For example, he covered the steel surface with a layer of zinc or tin.

Metal plating is used for different purposes. This has advantages that we will examine below. Different metals have different properties, some are resistant to corrosive environmental factors, some may be for aesthetics, and some may be plated with different metals for strength reasons; therefore, metals are plated differently depending on the application they may have.

One layer of metal is placed on top of another using different methods. Typically, metal electroplating uses either galvanic or non-electrolytic (autocatalytic chemical processes) methods.

Reasons for plated steel
You are aware that steel is an iron alloy. Ordinary steel corrodes and rusts when exposed to oxygen and moisture. There are different ways to make steel resistant to corrosion.

One of these methods is to form a coating on the steel sheet. Steel plating is one of the common methods for improving the corrosion resistance of steel; for this purpose, the steel is electroplated and covered with zinc or tin metal. Electroplating of steel and various metals has methods that must be carefully examined.
Another reason for plated steel; its decorative use is. Sometimes, to make steel parts more beautiful, they are plated with different metals.

In some cases, the surface of the steel needs to be strengthened to give it higher strength. Sometimes the steel plating process is done to reduce friction, increase connectivity, increase magnetism, change conductivity, improve color consistency, etc.
Based on the above materials, chromium, gold, silver, nickel, copper, tin, cadmium, and zinc are the metals used for electroplating different metals.

Typically, gold is used in electroplating for added oxidation resistance, increased electrical charge, and aesthetics. Silver is used to adding charge and beauty. Zinc metal is used to resist corrosion and prevent oxidation. In addition to aesthetics, nickel metal is also suitable for increased corrosion resistance.

Tin also increases bonding ability, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and non-toxicity in electroplating. Cadmium metal is also used to improve wet corrosion resistance and improve color ability. Copper metal is often used to increase the conductivity of plated metals. The coatings of steel and different metals are almost identical.
metal plating process
In the metal plating process, the terms cathode and anode are often heard. In short, the coated part is called the cathode. Both the cathode and the anode are immersed in the electrolyte bath. An electroplating bath is actually a solution in which there is a metal salt to be electroplated. Electric current is passed through the solution. Next, the ions from the metal are transferred to the cathode and are located on the part connected to the cathode.

As mentioned above, there are two main methods of electroplating. Electrochemical plating is very similar to electroforming; however, in electroplating, the metal deposited is the same as the metal plate.

In electroforming, the outer casing of the desired metal is removed and then the desired object is plated. One of the features of electroforming is that it can be electroplated and coated to make it more corrosion resistant.

It is necessary to know that the above two methods can be used alone or complementary.

For metal plating, the surface of the metal (piece) must be cleaned before work is performed. There are different ways to do this. Metal surfaces must be free of any contamination, grease, grease, deposits, etc. For cleaning, three stages of cleaning, polishing, and cleaning are performed.

For cleaning, use various alkaline solvents, water, or acidic cleaners to remove the oil layer on the metal. During the polishing phase, surface modification is carried out, in which the part is hardened. This article explains how to galvanize steel and different metals. You can share your opinion in this field with us.

Plating on stainless steel is a great choice for many different applications. SPC can electroplate your stainless-steel products using the same techniques we use to electroplate any other part. Carbon steel and alloy steel can also be electroplated. Before plating stainless steel, we give it a nickel shot so that the plating adheres to the steel. Then, using standard electroplating methods, we deposit the metal coating.

Why plating stainless steel? Although chromium is already resistant to corrosion, the protective effect of chromium only works if it can form a chromium oxide layer. This is not always easy in low-oxygen environments or environments with poor air circulation, as chromium combines with oxygen to form its own protective layer. Therefore, if your industry requires you to use your parts in these environments, your stainless steel may require an additional layer of protection.

Other reasons for plating stainless steel are the same reasons you might electroplate any other component. For example, you may want to use gold or silver plating to change the look of stainless steel. Many people like the look of stainless steel, but a precious metal finish adds an element of beauty.

You may also need to electroplate stainless steel to add certain qualities to your components that are not present in stainless steel. For example, if your part requires higher surface conductivity or requires easier soldering, like many computer components, you can nickel-plate stainless steel parts to enhance these properties.



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