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One of the most important and basic things about getting order from companies around the world is that how can we finalize our purchase.

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In the steel industry, stainless steel sheet and other products are very popular, which makes them more reliable to work on. Steel is one of the most important needs of people in all walks of life and is considered one of the most important materials in the construction industry. According to the development trend of today’s society, the use of steel increases every year.

Because these parts have many uses in construction and in a variety of industries, understanding steel buying tips will help you make the best choice when shopping. This is the general process of purchasing and completing a product.

The price will be presented to you as soon as possible after our team of experts receive the order specifications. At this stage, all your questions about product quality and specifications, delivery dates, payment methods, etc. will be answered.

If you need analysis, pictures or other information about a product, all this will be provided by the experts. At this point, you will have enough time to compare the quoted prices with other suppliers, weigh all the conditions and buy with confidence.

Once you have checked all the details of your purchase and answered all your questions about the desired product, you can confirm your purchase and request to receive a form. At this stage you will be asked to provide the buyer’s identification document to issue the form.

However, once your purchase is complete, you will need to request a form to be published. Due to currency and gold and silver price fluctuations, the form issued on the day is considered a sold product, if you do not pay and stop buying after the form is issued, our collection will simultaneously suffer serious credit losses and financial loss.

Therefore, we ask you to check all aspects before asking for a form, and make different price inquiries from different suppliers safely, and only ask you to determine the form of purchase and pay the amount according to the form.

Once the form is issued and submitted to you, you must pay the amount mentioned in the form within the published deadline and our group will show you a confirmation of receipt of the amount.

Now that you have completed your purchase, you have two official documents, the official form and the payment confirmation certificate, which will be valid and traceable across all legal institutions.

When your order is ready for delivery as per the form, you will be contacted to announce your clearing agent at the export border and provide his details. Next, your order will be loaded and sent to the destination. All necessary documents such as customs declaration and other related documents will be submitted together with the shipment.

From the moment the goods are shipped, the experts in our group carry out the necessary follow-up and the necessary coordination with the representatives of the border clearance agent.

Problems that may arise in this section will be followed up and resolved by an expert with a view to delivering the shipment to your representative at the border. Our group’s commitment will continue after the goods are delivered to the customer and will be held responsible and prosecuted If you lose any rights due to your failure to perform work on behalf of our group, our group will be responsible and committed.

Since all kinds of steel are delivered in bundles, the dead weight can only be determined after loading, so a loading list will be sent to you after loading, and the remaining quantity will be invoiced in the form. After you receive your order, the financial settlement of the purchase will be completed and the remaining amount will be refunded to you or, at your request, remain in your account for future purchases from our group.

Knowledge of the company’s brand

The first question that comes to your mind is which rebar is the best on the market in terms of brand, profile, beam and angle? When you manage this year and know the reliable brands on the market, you can buy safely, trusting the quality, durability and strength of the product and at the right price.

Determine the purpose of the product

In many projects it can be seen that the person in charge of procurement of steel products has already bought and he should prepare another list. In fact, it is important to know for what purpose the purchased iron or steel plate is prepared. It should be noted that the purchased products are in accordance with the project’s requirements.

The weight of the purchased product

The most important point when buying steel products is to pay attention to the weight of the product. The closer the weight of a product is to a Stahl table, the higher its quality.

All manufactured products are manufactured to international standards. It is recommended to buy high-quality domestic products to save money.

When buying domestic products, be aware of the different prices of steel products in domestic factories. Besides the price, check their quality for peace of mind in your purchase.

One of the most important questions asked when purchasing steel is the cost of shipping the product. It is important to agree on the cost of shipping the product, especially iron, which is one of the heaviest materials. Try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

order stainless steel sheet from companies

To order steel products like a stainless sheet from companies around the world you have to know the procedures.

Buying a suitable steel plate requires you to understand the type of steel plate, the use and characteristics of each steel plate, and the standards and methods for determining the quality of the steel plate.

There is a wide range of sheet metal in different industries and a wide range of applications, which makes the selection and purchase of sheet metal a very important choice for businesses.

unit price today

The prices of products from factories that produce sheets vary according to quality and features, and you can choose a manufacturer based on the type of application you want and your budget amount.

To know the price of each, you can refer to the manufacturer section. Generally speaking, the price of sheets that require final surface treatment in the production process, such as galvanized sheets, is more expensive than ordinary sheets such as whiteboards that do not undergo final surface treatment.

Types of steel sheets

Plates in the steel industry are produced and known by both hot (black) and cold (oil) methods. Compared to hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets are more precise in size and finish and of higher quality. Therefore, cold plates are mainly used for projects where precision and size are important. In order to choose the type of plate that suits your needs, it is necessary to know the types of steel plates in detail.

Steel plates are divided into coated and uncoated, slate, galvanized plate, oiled plate, pickled plate, color plate, ribbed plate, alloy plate, etc. You can get these steel sheets on the market in roll (rolled and cut) and sheet (fabric) form and in different thicknesses.

buy black sheet

Chalkboard is the most common chalkboard on the iron market, and St37 and St52 chalkboards are the most common. In general, the boards on the iron market are divided into two types:

industrial boards and ordinary boards. Due to the lower carbon content, regular St37 boards are more flexible and have lower strength than St52 industrial boards. In addition to St37 and St52 alloys, a516, a283 and ck45 alloys are also used in board production, although these boards are considered separate products in the Iranian market. The marine and automotive industries, profiles, tankers and tank construction are among the applications for this sheet.

buy galvanized sheet

Galvanized sheet is an oily sheet coated with zinc metal. During the electroplating process, due to zinc impurities or cooling rate, the surface of the sheet has a shape called sequins or galvanized flowers. The finer and more transparent this mud is, the faster the freezing rate will be and the quality of the galvanized sheet will be better.

The quality of galvanized sheet depends on the quality of the substrate in its body, the use of other compounds such as nickel and aluminum, the cooling process and the amount of zinc used. When buying, pay attention to the amount of zinc metal (Zn) used to coat the surface of the plate. A micrometer is a device used to check the thickness of zinc (Zn) coatings.

order stainless steel sheet

before finalizing an order you have to know and have details of the products themselves. In this case stainless steel sheet or in general sheets.

buy oil paper

order stainless steel sheet

Cold-rolled plates or oiled plates are produced by cold rolling on board and oil on the surface. This sheet has a glossy surface and has higher tensile strength and formability than black sheet. This plate is used for the production of galvanized sheet, for the production of household appliances, cabinets and metal cladding. According to the amount of stretching, the oil plate includes st12 plate, semi-stretched oil plate st13, super-stretched oil plate st14 and super-super-stretched oil plate st16.

buy staining board

Pickling plate is a widely used alloy plate whose surface is rust-removed during the pickling process and becomes shiny, free of contamination and oxides. This product is made of hot-rolled sheet or board. Pickled plates are produced according to SW22 and STW22 standards in St52, St33 and St37 steel.

buy colored plates

Colored sheets are galvanized sheets with a polymer coating that increases their rust and corrosion resistance. The paper comes in 15 different colours. It is used for the production of roofs, facades and household and office appliances.

buy corrugated paper

Ribbed boards are black or oiled boards with lozenge, almond, lozenge or lenticular ridges. The plate is used for emergency stairs, ship deck floors, footbridge floors and trucks.

buy aluminum plate

Alloy sheets are the result of combining several metals and elements to achieve different properties. For example, a steel plate is an alloy that is recyclable, durable, corrosion resistant and rust resistant.

The most important points when buying steel plates

Specifications for steel plates

The weight, thickness, roughness and finish of the plate surface are the main characteristics that affect the price of the plate and should be paid attention to before and after purchase.

Sheets that are cut to a specific size in a factory and delivered in bundles are called fabric sheets, and rolls that are cut in a warehouse or workshop to a specific width and infinite length are called cut sheets. The sheet size in the fabric state is perfectly smooth and smooth, but in the cut state, the size and diameter may vary slightly.

For this reason, fabric sheets are more expensive than cut roll sheets. The chemical composition of the plate is one of the key points when buying. When producing steel plates, you must pay attention to the composition content of various elements in the ID card of the steel plate, because it will affect the mechanical properties of the steel plate. For example, when the percentage of elements such as manganese in the plate increases, the strength and pressure stability of the plate increases.

order stainless steel sheet

Standard, size and paper weight

Board manufacturers use special board production standards, the most common of which is the German standard DIN 17006. This standard is in accordance with the Stahl table, so that the quality of the board can be identified by its thickness, material and weight.

In addition, each manufacturer produces specific sheet sizes for each thickness. With this in mind, one of your factors in choosing a factory should be the size of its production order, so that you generate the least amount of waste and waste in the process. The thickness of the plate is also important because, in addition to affecting the price, it also affects the application of the plate. This means changing the type of sheet used by increasing or decreasing the thickness.

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