old steel sheet for sale around the world chart

Second hand and old steel sheet are also for sale around the world and they have their own chart price in the market. When we talk about the price of used iron, we do not mean the price of scrap or scrap. Instead, we mean those steel products that have been used at least once in a construction or industrial project, or they may be a separate part of an industrial vehicle. However, it is possible that some spent iron can be recycled after the metal structure has been destroyed.

Of course, there are also people who think about buying and selling used iron, sending it to a scrap warehouse for remelting and then using it for steel recycling, which of course cannot be called used, because the scrap can, among other things, recycled, except that they do not melt.

Therefore, it can be said that there is always a close correlation between the price of used iron and the price of Nippon Steel, as well as the price of scrap.

The price per kilo of used iron depends, like the price of virgin iron, on factors such as supply and demand, dollar prices and the world market for scrap and steel products. The only parameter that can be added to this type of product is the floor price per kilogram iron ex factory. Therefore, it is not so difficult to control the buying and selling process of used iron.

In addition to the above, it is important that the product you are looking for is within the standard size range in appearance and size and is free of cosmetic defects.

If there are obvious defects, the price will be reduced. In addition, rust on used products is also a common problem that everyone should be aware of when purchasing. In this case, be sure to use a method to remove corrosion from the steel surface to secure the purchased plate or beam.

Sometimes you may hear that used irons are sold in brand new form at some centers. Most of these forgings with the word “new” are semi-finished or semi-finished steel sections that were scrapped and returned to storage. Some of them may have been detached from train cars or heavy machinery without any damage.

Therefore, when used iron is not fundamentally defective and can be recycled, they can be used in less sensitive projects. If they have surface defects, they must of course be repaired or the employer notified. In general, because the daily price of used irons is lower than the new price, economic conditions sometimes require us to buy used and used.

When steel structures lose their effectiveness, they are not completely thrown away, but can be used to separate parts of the structure that can be used for other construction projects.

One of the structural components used is the beam. Used beams or stock beams sometimes rust, they experience some degree of buckling and bending due to their use in buildings, and they are almost recycled into structures by engineers. Not recommended and considered dangerous.

When the building is demolished, the beams are carefully removed to deliver them to the next consumer. One of the differences between new and old beams is their size. New beams are produced and sold in sizes from 6 to 12 meters, while used beams are also available in smaller sizes.

Used or stored iron beams belong to the scrap iron category. I-beams and H-beams are sold in stock. The recent severe economic situation and the high construction costs have led many people to buy used beams. Because many used beams are of acceptable quality in addition to being cheaper.

Surface rust must be removed from the beam before using used and stock beams. Iron beams rot from exposure to moisture and prolonged exposure to direct water such as rain. Sandblasting is one of the ways to remove rust from used beams. In general, it is common to use used beams in less critical structures. Build metal frames in sheds and spaces with low foot traffic and less danger to life.

used beam quality

When purchasing used or stock beams, the following factors should be considered:

  • The amount of rust on the beam and whether this rust is superficial or deep.
  • What is the welding speed for used beams or stock beams?
  • What is the length of the beam used?
  • What is the amount of deformation and radiation of the beam used.

old steel sheet for sale around the world

Many companies around the world, work on the sale of old steel sheets and related products. As you know one of the products that are mostly used in second-hand are beams.

Used beams are much cheaper than new beams and the cost of buying beams is almost half. Buying a used iron may seem logical given the bleak economic situation.

You can even buy what you need from sites that sell used goods, such as Wall. Given that the new beams are available in 6m or 12m sizes, you can get new beams with used beams. In addition, used beams take up less space than new beams, which is an important parameter in the construction industry.

old steel sheet for sale around the world

Steel is a high-strength material, and there is little difference between first-hand steel and second-hand steel. Only when buying used should we use professional and experienced specialists in construction.

Disadvantages of using a used beam

A used beam or rod has lower resistance and its load has been reduced. Used beams rust a lot, and if used on a structure, it will quickly lead to structural deformation.

All in all, we can answer the question of whether to buy new or used beams, depending on the purpose of buying used beams and the credit of the company we are going to. Buy a used beam. Where possible, use used beams where the construction of the structure is less critical and where foot traffic is low. If you are buying used beams, in addition to listening to experts, it is best to buy beams from a reputable sales agent in the market with reliable quality and resistance.

Checkerboard, embossed board and floorboard are other names for ribbed boards. Used ribbed panels are panels made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel. On one side of these sheets, different shapes are embossed such as drops, or diamonds, almonds, etc., while the other side is completely smooth without protrusions.

The main use of used corrugated cardboard is protection against abrasion and slippage in residential and industrial environments.

Corrugated sheets or their used types are widely used and produce between 1 million and 150,000 tons per year for industry and factories. Let’s take a look at used corrugated paper.

It is important to note that used corrugated board is not very different from new, and used corrugated board is strong enough to be used effectively in a variety of situations.

What is used corrugated paper?

old steel sheet for sale around the world

Used corrugated paper has a wide range of uses and many. The use of corrugated board is one of the main requirements in various industries and in the construction of residential and commercial units. Fluted boards are widely used in flooring and in some cases these boards can be used very effectively for roof and pavilion coverings. Therefore, these boards are used as one of the most common and well-known building materials. The various protrusions on the surface of these plates reduce friction to a large extent, which prevents sliding and wear in different environments and different environmental conditions. In rainy areas, there are many fans of using almond-shaped used rib boards, because when it rains, water can collect in the almond-shaped holes of these boards. Ribs are often used to cover steep surfaces or areas near cliffs to prevent objects and people from sliding.

Application of used corrugated paper

The use of used corrugated paper is very diverse. These plates are used in various industries and in various engineering sectors, in building construction and in the construction of stairs and platforms, in the construction of urban roads and pavements, in the automotive industry and in the agricultural sector, as well as in ydvi. Let’s take a look at the uses of used rib plates:

The floors of intercity buses are made of these types of boards.

In many cases, corridors, emergency stairs, ladders and elevators are made of corrugated board.

Today, with the introduction of creative ideas in architectural discussions, the use of corrugated cardboard in interior design has flourished. These sheets can be used as important materials in construction and construction because of their different designs and shapes and have sufficient strength.

Places with heavy traffic, such as malls or large shopping malls, always face the problem of floor and wall damage. The high volume of traffic in these spaces can cause erosion and damage to the access floor and create an unsuitable appearance for the access. The use of ribbed boards as floor and wall covering prevents erosion of floors and walls.

It is very effective to use these sheets in a hygienic environment. It is best to cover the kitchen area of ​​the kitchen with these plates. If there is contamination on these surfaces, the corrugated paper can be easily cleaned and the stains on it can be quickly removed. Corrugated aluminum plate is anti-corrosion and rust-free.

old steel sheet for sale around the world

old steel sheet for sale

As I said, sheets and steel-related products come in many different types and use, so old or second-hand steel products are priced better for easier use than new ones for sale. By using these irons we can also make skeletons. He points to the metal sheds that use them, and if the iron doesn’t have good resistance, of course, they shouldn’t be used. As a first step, it must be sandblasted and removed from all rust and other imperfections to use standard iron beams or other used iron.

The next step is to double-check that the iron beam has not carried a load from previous use, or remains sound and can be used for heavier duty. Of course, this important issue should be checked for all corrosion and its depth should be checked by a technician and an expert in the basin and approved by the expert to use these iron beams, otherwise these iron beams will be considered useless and should be removed Recycling goes back to the production cycle because according to engineering knowledge and science, it is very dangerous to use it in buildings, therefore the use of untested iron beams in building construction is completely prohibited.

As we said, used and stock irons have many fans today and now is the time to provide you with information about wholesale used irons because using them can be very cost-effective.

Let’s talk a little about the pros and cons of using used iron beams. Among its advantages, we can point out that things like the use of stock and used iron beams greatly reduce construction costs.

One of the main advantages of stock iron beams is that they are available in different sizes, since today beams are only produced in 6m and 12m sizes, it is interesting that these advantages, especially the low price of this product, make it with many buyers in countries like China and Japan, this is a very good export opportunity. For the collection of currency.

Among the disadvantages of used iron beams, there are some cases such as these iron beams rust and corrode due to previous use, resulting in low resistance of these iron beams, where they have little resistance to bending or earthquake, or because iron beams can withstand shear pressure and have good load resistance, so iron beams are used in building construction, but the iron beams in stock have no resistance under this load.

old steel sheet for sale

Now that we’ve got you covered with all the information on used and stock irons, it’s time to bring you the best deals on used irons and finally introduce you to the company and a selection where you can find all kinds of used irons. introduced with the best quality and competitive prices.

Regarding today’s price, it must be said that at the beginning you should have a full understanding of the iron or iron beam you decide to use because as we said, used iron beams are resistant and quality. There are different prices, but sometimes you buy because you don’t know enough about the thing, and then you realize it’s a mistake. For further information don’t forget to contact us.

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