kamdhenu steel sheet price on Indiamart website in India

Indiamart website is a platform in India where many companies come to share the price of their product. Kamdhenu Limited has launched COLOR MAX steel Sheets across India and we aim to increase our market share within a few years. Kamdhenu Color Max Color Coated roofing sheets are very low maintenance, high weather resistance, strong, safe and durable, high strength-to-weight ratio, leakproof, and thermally efficient.

Kamdhenu Limited is committed to continuous improvement of the quality system. We will endeavor to satisfy our customers by providing quality products with timely delivery, increased turnover, controlled consumption of raw materials, and well-trained staff at all levels.

With the spread of the Internet all over the world, there have been major changes in business and the way it is done. Under the current circumstances, many business owners and manufacturers would prefer to operate in these spaces.

Some foreign buying and selling websites can be mentioned in these outlets. Many of these sites operate as wholesalers and have expanded their operations and e-commerce globally.

It is important to note that wholesale websites solve many problems for manufacturers and buyers. People who buy products through these stores do not have to spend a lot of time and money to get products grown in other parts of the world. Manufacturers all over the world can easily register on these sites and sell their products to people from other parts of the world.

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India Mart

India Mart is one of the other types of online and international stores. This site is an Indian online store that is referred by thousands of manufacturers or sellers and thousands of buyers to buy basic goods in bulk.

It is noteworthy that the online store initially focused its wholesale food business in India. But the country’s huge population and its market prompted sellers and buyers from other countries to start working in the store.

It should be noted that if Iranian merchants and buyers use IPs other than Iranian IPs, they can buy or sell their products in bulk through this store’s website.

Because this site has banned Iran. In fact, India Mart can be considered representative of India’s emerging economies in modern and global markets. It is worth noting that in 2015, more than 3 million different products and services entered the global market through this large store site.

Marketing is the combination of the art and knowledge of creating and delivering value. The goal of marketing is to identify demand while generating profit. In marketing, in addition to determining demand, it is also necessary to predict the number and profit in the desired market. One of the goals of marketing is to identify different market segments to provide better products and services.

Then design and sell the desired product or service. The audience and customers play an important role in marketing. In other words, without an audience, your product or service will not deliver results. Customers play the most important role in the marketing cycle and meeting their needs is the number one priority.

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Customers feel the need, see your product or service as “value” and determine the importance of marketing. The goal for all companies is customer satisfaction.

In marketing, the concepts of needs, wants, needs (negative needs, hidden needs, irregular needs, full needs, etc.), offers and exchanges are important concepts and it is very important for marketing and business to pay full attention to each of them. success. great influence.

Marketing pursues different goals, because of this there are different types of marketing and each organization chooses one of the marketing strategies based on the goals it has set for itself. This marketing approach is BUSINESS TO BUSINESS, or B2B for short. This form of marketing goes way back when people exchanged goods to fulfill their needs. This type of marketing is done between two companies. B2B marketing can be done by a single person, a department, few or a large company employee.

The ultimate goal of B2B marketing is not to sell a product or provide the right service to the consumer, but to provide the service to another organization. In order for a product or service to reach the end customer, it is necessary to buy and sell between several intermediaries; part of B to B marketing is the transaction between intermediaries. However, a company’s end customer may be another company, in which case B2B marketing and transactions are also carried out.

In this type of marketing, many organizations can be linked in a chain, and in the way a service or product is delivered to the customer, each organization adds value to it, so that a single end product is finally presented to the customer.

To make a shirt, for example, the yarns and fibers must be transformed into fabric, which is then made into a shirt that ends up in the hands of customers in the store. All organizations that go this way try to improve the product, and in the end only the seller has direct contact with the customer. But without business-to-business marketing, there would be no shirts to offer buyers.

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Kamdhenu steel sheet price on Indiamart website

IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. is an Indian e-commerce company that provides B2C, B2B and customer-to-customer sales services and prices through its website portal. Kamdhenu is a company that works on steel sheet and related products using these websites. The group was established in 1996. Dinesh Agrawal and Brijesh Agrawal founded IndiaMART.com, a business-to-business portal that connects Indian manufacturers with buyers. The company is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

IndiaMART had 325 million (325.8 million), 552 million (552.6 million) and 723 million (723.5 million) visits in FY2017, FY2018 and FY2019, of which 204 million (204.8 million), 396 million (356 .9 million) (356.9 million) million people) mobile traffic, accounting for 63%, 72% and 76% of the total traffic respectively. Currently, the IndiaMART app has over 10 million downloads (10 million) on Android and has an app rating of 4.7.

According to a report by Angel Brooking, IndiaMart’s revenue posted a 29% CAGR of Rs 507 crore in FY19-14, while its net profit in FY 2019 was Rs 200 crore. It has no debt and a significant cash balance. Per As of March 31, 2019, the company had 8.27 million (82.7 million) registered shoppers and 5.55 million (5.55 million) storefront vendor stores in India and is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29% over the next two years.

In 2016 and 2019, IndiaMART invested in ProcMart and Viapar respectively.

IndiaMART is the first company to test the waters of the IPO market in the second term of the Modi government.

The main difference between these two marketing methods is the target customer. In B2B marketing, the customer is a company or other company. But in B2C or BUSINESS TO CUSTOMER marketing, the public is the customer. In this form of marketing, companies are in direct contact with customers. Buying in, for example, a store is an example of this type of marketing.

B2B marketing is more complete and comprehensive than B2C marketing. One of the most important factors and differences is this type of return on investment (ROI). In B2C marketing, this question is not very important. But in business between different companies, this question is very important. In this way of marketing, the choice of raw materials is more sensitive and precise.

For example, imagine buying juice for yourself and bulk buying raw materials for a factory. If you plan to do both, you definitely want to pay more attention to buying raw materials from the factory, because your audience is in a big circle with different tastes.

What is the purpose of B2B marketing?

As we mentioned, the goal of marketing is generally to satisfy demand. In this type of marketing, meeting the company’s needs is a top priority. But the main goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs, which implies B2C marketing that is directly related to the customer.

This type of marketing focuses on the number of business customers. In the B2B market, there may not be many customers. For example, to buy industrial parts or wind turbines, the sales company will certainly not have many customers, and its customers will not be comparable to the clothing store in the arcade. In this type of business, the amount per purchase is much higher than in other businesses, and one of the goals of the company’s business is to retain customers and improve the quality of service.

What is the most important question in marketing without you?

In this type of marketing, high profits and product prices are particularly important. Therefore, companies should understand intermediaries. This recognition in social networks is increasing day by day.

Kamdhenu steel sheet price on Indiamart website

The factors that increase the speed of buying and selling and facilitate the business are very important. Business-related services such as product suppliers, customers, user relationships and various software, support systems and business partners play an important role in doing business between businesses.

Today, the digital space and the Internet have created a huge revolution in B2B marketing, where companies can easily communicate with each other. The initiative and creativity of many companies have increased the likelihood that other companies will buy from them, demonstrated the quality and professionalism of business personnel to the company, and increased the volume of bulk purchases.

Remember, in B2B business or marketing, you need to understand your client or role and your area of ​​work so that you can offer the best products and services to that business.

Advantages of B2B Marketing

In business-to-business marketing, there is no way to bulk buy and retail. This question is one of the benefits of B2B marketing. In this type of marketing, sales are high.

Although in this way for marketing, it is difficult to enter into contracts with a company that buys in bulk, but by signing a single contract, you can sell your product to that company for a long time. And if you don’t, you’ll spend more money and time getting your sales up to contract sales a few months later.

In B2B marketing, if the company is satisfied with the service and product, they will become your loyal customers and will maintain their relationship for a long time.

B2B marketing is a great opportunity to make your company known among other companies. This type of marketing can simplify the way you scale your business and increase your business credibility. In many cases, the relationships between companies are close, and their expansion creates new jobs.

If you are connected to other companies, your referrals to other companies will increase significantly, and if you only have regular customers, it will take a long time for your brand to become known. In general, it is good to know that business-to-business marketing can create very good opportunities for your company.

Kamdhenu steel sheet price on Indiamart website

Kamdhenu steel sheet price

Kamdhenu steel is a company that has been In this business for a long time and mostly works on sheet and related products. You can find the price of their products on the internet but if you are looking for a comparison in between don’t hesitate to contact us.

Today, Kamdhenu is a leader in the steel and infrastructure solutions industry and continuously invests in the quality of its human resources. Finding the best profiles across a broad spectrum is an ongoing commitment that continues to expand over time. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career, you should consider working at Kamdhenu. The possibilities here are endless.

Kamdhenu steel sheet price

In this company talent is just the beginning; a stimulating and challenging work environment ensures your well-being at Kamdhenu. As part of our team, you will experience global career opportunities, and challenging and exciting work if you work with this company there are exceptional rewards and recognition. You will keep learning. Regardless of your position in the company, your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork. Your personality will be recognized. You will be encouraged to be yourself.

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