Biggest Wholesale Slab Steel Distributors

Steel slab is more practical among all types of steel products and it is widely used in various industries. Since all the facilities and raw materials for the production of original steel are available in our country, large production factories have been built in this field. They produce this product and explain it directly and indirectly through intermediaries in the domestic market and the global market, so that they are one of the largest distributors of slab steel in the global industry.

Biggest Wholesale Slab Steel Distributors

2 Ways of Designing Steel Slab

2 Ways of Designing Steel Slab Because the slab steel usages are varied and they are widely used as infrastructure structures in construction, manufacturers try to slab steel design in ways that the person who is going to use them to Can easily use different types of slabs such as roof slabs, floor slabs, etc.

For this reason, the design of steel slabs is usually done in two ways, in such a way that all the tools and materials of the slab are provided at the place of application and then begin to build it, which is very expensive and time consuming.

The second method, the pre-method, is made by the fact that manufacturers are specialized in the production of various types of slabs and make steel slabs with different dimensions and completely standard and durable and offer them in the market.

Which method of steel slab construction the manufacturer uses in his construction project depends on several factors, which are:

  • Significance, strength of the building in terms of strength and safety.
  • Accuracy and sensitivity of the manufacturer in construction that is in accordance with specific standards.
  • Diagnosis and approval of supervising and safety engineers which steel slab should be used according to the type of construction.

Which Steel Is Best for Roof Slab?

Which Steel Is Best for Roof Slab? Builders of all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings must build according to specific standards that provide the necessary strength and safety for the floor, ceiling and walls. For example, one of the basic principles to be used to build the roof of structures is that the roof, in addition to completely covering the surface of the building, must be impermeable, that is, flat and uniform, and the most important criterion is that it must be very light so that Do not put too much weight and pressure on the walls, which is called a light roof.

To make a light roof, the roof slab plays an essential role. Slabs are usually available in the form of full and heavy slabs and empty and light slabs, of which light and hollow slabs are the best choice.

If you are not familiar with the type of steel slabs, it is recommended to go to reputable supply centers to buy it, or when buying, be sure to seek help from someone with experience in this field.

Slab Steel High Production

Slab Steel High Production Slabs are used as a raw material for the manufacture of products such as flat steel sheets such as coil sheets and hot rolled sheets in the heavy machinery industry. Although the production of slabs in the world market is limited, but Iran is in a favorable situation in this regard. Slabs produced in Iran are exported to Southeast Asian countries, European countries.

The Steel production capacity in Iran has a very good growth, so that millions of tons of steel, including slab steel, are produced annually. With the trend of increasing production capacity, domestic producers active in this field, our country’s supply and sales position is very high compared to other steel producing countries.

Top domestic manufacturers of steel slabs, which is one of the most widely used types of steel in the domestic and foreign markets to meet market demand, people who want to buy this type of slabs can easily buy steel slabs in the market at a price Buy convenient And use


  1. Since the use of steel slabs is diverse and is widely used as infrastructure in construction, the manufacturer has tried to design steel slabs in such a way that the person who intends to use it can easily Use a variety of slabs such as roof and floor slabs. And that means customer orientation.

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