ATop Hematite Iron ore export countries

Hematite is one of the forms of Iron Oxide. One of the main mineral stones derived from the Iron. there are some top countries that are exporting Hematite and Iron Ore. Like most precious stones, this metal is among those which because of its materials and usages are favorite around the world.

the name hematite comes from its Greek origin because in his powder form it has a Red color. Today it is replaced with some other cheaper materials but if we polish the stone, it has the look of silver. Hematite has a compact form and because of its shape and color its always opaque.

Recognition of the Hematite stone is very easy because it cannot be mistaken with other materials. When polished it has a glowing and shiny surface that has a red color to it.  The original and natural Hematite is not magnetic but during some processes it can become a very strong magnet. That is why it is always mistaken with hematin.

Hematin is a magnetic form of Hematite. We can find hematite in various parts of the world. some parts world like, Greece, Brazil, Cambria, England, Alps and Italy. Morocco, south Africa, Bangladesh, China, new Zealand, Scheck republic and U.S. are famous for producing high quality products.


Iron ore imports by country

Iron Ore as a vital element in the economy of a country has a significant role in recognition of a country. Iron ore imports by country show the productivity and exports of steel products in a country. There are some tariffs on exporting and importing Iron Ore and based on the country this tariffs are changing.

Some countries are putting heavy tariffs on the specific products and Iron Ore specially is not an exception. The purity of the product is very important and concentration of Iron crudes should be about 68 percent, so the stones that are exporting have a high purity and derived from magnetite.

The usage of the same product is solely for steel companies. Other usages of hematite Iron Ore go to factories that are making cements. Cement factories make use of Iron Ore because this product has no use for steel factories and is exported less than usual.

Iron ore imports by country


Australia iron ore exports

Australia is a hub in Iron Ore exports around the world. all economists were thinking that Australia has passed the corona completely and is economically stabled, but now two states carrying 55 percent of the economy of the country is now under quarantine, so they will experience a lot of difficulties.

One of the strange things here is that with all the difficulties in the exporting countries, the market for exporting Iron ore and coal is growing even more. The exportation of the Iron Ore was so significant that during July, the price of each ton was about 214 USD.

It is so obvious that the economy of Australia is largely depended on exporting minerals and corona pandemic made a significant push back on the economy of the country.

During 2020 more than 910 million tons of Iron ore was extracted from the mines in Australia and because Iron ore is one of the main production needs in producing steel, a lot of countries, especially China is trying hard to get the products from Australia.

The diplomatic relations between Australia and China are getting cold every day after Scott Morison insisted on finding the origin of corona virus. Since then, the importing from Australia to China has experienced a lot of difficulties.

Australia iron ore exports


Top iron ore importing countries

When it comes to talk about importing Iron products, the top country in importing Iron Ore is always China. China and Australia are having strong contacts through the importation and exportation of raw materials especially Iron Ore and crude Iron.

They are helping each other to grow faster economically. In 2000, in the beginning of China’s economic boom, the exportation of Australia to this country was more than 6 billion Australian dollar. 15 years later, China with almost 74 billion USD exports was the biggest counter part of Australia and passed Japan, US, south Korea and New Zealand.

Some economists claim that good fortune that Australia got from helping countries to pass the financial collapse during 2008, has helped other parties as well.

One of the Chinese economists says: “Nearly four fifth of Australia’s Iron Ore export goes to China. He also says that Australia is going to find many other buyers for his products and this is going to change the history of China to get the energy and resources needed for his economy.

Top iron ore importing countries


Best quality iron ore in the world

The Australia’s high quality Iron Ore is known in the whole world but if you want to get to the best quality Iron Ore in the world you must search more.

For instance, IRAN holds the tenth place among biggest mines around the world. during 2018 we needed 40 million tons of stones and for extracting such quantity we need to use 120 million tons waste removal. This numbers show that the potential that Iran has is significant and because of that we can easily count the country as one of the biggest in the market.

The quality and quantity that Iran can export, and manufacture is equal to China. Though China has many different geographical and financial advantages to the country, Iran has its own market and can supply a big number of products.

We can talk about Brazil and Australia as biggest and strongest exporters of minerals around the world specially speaking, Iron Ore, but IRAN is growing even more every day and makes a tighter market for its competitors.


All in all, because of the potential of Iran and geographical positions in the middle east we can call Iran as a road connected to all countries around the world.

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