Vintage Thin Steel Slab Manufacturers

Thin steel slabs are a semi-finished product in ingot and rolling iron production lines. Like rebar or ingot, its cross section is not square and is rectangular. Thin steel slab is used to make flat rolled products such as coils and hot rolled sheets and also in the heavy machinery industry. Its thickness is between 200 and 250 mm. And its width is about 650 to 2000 mm, and its length is considered to be 4 to 12 meters. Due to its low use, only about 20 million tons per year are produced and consumed in the world.

Our company with a long history in the field of iron ore and sponge iron and iron ore products, rebars, sheets, etc. is ready to provide the best quality of steel slabs to international markets.

Vintage Thin Steel Slab Manufacturers

Thin Steel Slab Vs Thick Steel Slab

Thin Steel Slab Vs Thick Steel Slab There are different types of steel slabs. Types of steel slabs have different applications in different industries. Mineral iron ore itself has many impurities that must be refined. After purification, it is made into briquettes and in its own way, it is made into steel slabs in different sizes. Steel slabs are produced in several ways, as follows:

  1. Traditional method: In this method, iron briquettes are melted through traditional coal furnaces and poured into the desired molds and cut into desired sizes.
  2. Induction furnaces: Slab production can also be achieved by using induction furnaces. This method has a high cost of electricity and other additional materials in the production process. In Iran, due to the rich coal resources, the traditional kiln method is used more.

Steel mills produce slabs in different thicknesses. Two types of steel slabs are produced:

  1. Thick slab: It is mostly used in machine building and manufacturing of large industrial machines
  2. Thin slabs: Used in the manufacture of steel sheets for rolling and other applications.

Thin Steel Slab Used for?

Thin Steel Slab Used for? The applications of thin steel slabs can be examined in many cases in the industry. We made a brief mention that thick steel slabs are mostly used in the construction of mining and industrial machines and large machines, and in general, it is not used much, and therefore its production is limited in the world. . But thin steel slabs are used in much more practical industries, which has greatly increased its consumption in the world. Short items that are very common in thin steel uses are:

  1. Manufacture of steel sheets: Steel sheets are used in machine building, construction and … industries.
  2. Making steel foils: Steel foils are used in precision and machine industries.

thin slab usage is the same as the steel sheets.

It is widely used in the construction industry to produce steel sheets for canopies, etc., as well as in the production of rolled sheets for special purposes in the construction industry. Thin steel slabs are also used in the machine-building industry to produce custom sheets for the construction of car bodies, as well as for the manufacture of chassis and other various machine parts.

Thin Steel Slab Glubal Market

 Thin Steel Slab Glubal Market The twentieth century was the beginning of an industrial revolution in which steel and related industries had a special place in it. Since then, no alternative has been found in our industries and in our lives for steel. On the other hand, its consumption in various industries and in different jobs is increasing day by day. Global markets are searching rich sources of steel, of which Iran is one of these countries. Our company with a long history of working with domestic and foreign steel industries for several years, is the best way to communicate with Iran’s rich steel centers. Providing scientific consulting, supplying various steel slab products in any field and with any application, as well as offering the best and most appropriate prices are some of the services that the company offers to its customers.