Suspended Slab Steel Trade

Direct purchase of suspended slab steel is done at very reasonable prices, and this product, in order to have positive features and very high popularity, has attracted a lot of fans, and people who are looking to provide this product, it is enough to directly contact Manufacturers are in touch to provide them with the best steel slabs. Our factory and production is the largest producer of Iranian steel slabs. You can visit our store to buy high-grade steel slabs.

Suspended Slab Steel Trade

5 Kinds of Suspended Slab for Industrial Use

5 Kinds of Suspended Slab for Industrial Use There are 16 types of slabs in construction. Some of them are old and obsolete; And many of them are often used everywhere. Here are some of slab steel types : Flat slab: Flat slab, a reinforced concrete slab; Whose thickness is at least 8 or m0.2; And relies directly on concrete foundations or caps. A flat slab does not have an arrow, for this reason, it is also known as a slab without an arrow. These types rely on their foundations; And are often transferred directly to these bases. In this type of construction, a simple roof is obtained, which gives it an architecturally attractive appearance. A simple roof diffuses light better and is less damaged in the event of a fire than a traditional beam slab.

This type of steel is easier to make and requires less molding. Ordinary slabs: Ordinary slabs rely on beams and columns. Its thickness is small; But the depth of the arrow is great; And the load is transferred to the beams and then to the foundations. This type requires more formatting than flat slabs. It should be noted that in this type, there is no need to prepare a headstone. Its thickness is 4 or 10 cm. This thickness of 5 to 6 inches is recommended if the concrete bears heavy loads, such as motor homes or garbage trucks.

Ordinary concrete slabs are square in shape and 4 meters long. Armature is produced in this type. Horizontally adjusted bars; The main rebar of the reinforcement and the vertical bars are called split rebar. These types are classified into two categories based on length and width: One-sided slab Two-sided slab

What Is a Suspended Concrete Floor?

What Is a Suspended Concrete Floor? The polished benti floor has a glossy and mirror-like appearance. Design methods for polished concrete are very extensive. You can choose almost any color for it, create patterns with saw cuts, or place beautiful and interesting particles in them before polishing. It is also possible to increase or decrease the reflectivity of the floor by using different degrees of concrete polishing. Polished concrete is very popular in the construction market because it is easy to maintain. To maintain these polished floors, only one dusting and sometimes washing with detergent is needed.

The high permeability of ordinary concrete floor causes surface water to be absorbed into the concrete and its penetration, and as a result, causes the concrete to be crushed in the melting and freezing cycle. Ordinary concrete coating, in addition to reducing the strength of concrete and destroying the concrete surface with dust, causes environmental pollution and endangers the health of employees and the release of fine and suspended materials in the space and work environment.

Suspended Slab Steel Glubal Market

Suspended Slab Steel Glubal Market Today, in our country, all kinds of Iranian steel slabs are produced that have the highest quality category and are welcomed in the best possible way both in the country and abroad, and are used as a raw material in steel mills. they take. Sellers use different ways to sell Iranian steel slabs, thus making it possible for buyers to order them in any number as easily as possible; Therefore, the buyer can register these slabs in the required number in any place he wants and receive them from the suppliers in the shortest time and pay the most appropriate prices for this purpose.

In world markets, these products with the best quality and cheap price are sold in bulk or in part. This has led many sellers to come to this market to get their supplies. In recent years, due to the sale of cheap suspended steel in some shopping centers, buyers of this product have started to provide this product in bulk.