Structural Steel Slab Export

Steel products enter the market in various forms and are used, one of the most widely used forms of which is sheet. Steel sheets with different physical properties and chemical structure, each are used for specific applications in the construction industry, automotive, petrochemical, etc. structural steel slab is a type of steel sheet that is used in the structure of some roofs and the structure of the building due to its good tensile strength. Steel sheet is one of the products of Iran. Its largest production is located in Isfahan. One of the biggest buyers of these sheets is Germany.

Structural Steel Slab Export

Is Structural Steel Stroger Than Concrete?

Is Structural Steel Stroger Than Concrete? In the structure of a building, the presence of both tensile and compressive strength in the members of a structure is important for the stability of the structure. Concrete, as a material with high compressive strength, needs a material with tensile strength. strong steel is one of the materials that has a higher tensile strength than concrete and acts as a concrete supplement. Usually, structural elements that are affected by vertical load need compressive strength on the surface and tensile strength on the lower layers, so usually steel sheets are placed on the substrate and concrete is poured on them.

5 Different Types of Slabs in Construction

5 Different Types of Slabs in Construction Steel ingots are one of the most practical types of ingots in the world. The steel industry chain is directly dependent on steel ingots. Steel ingots are used in the production of rebars, beams, sheet metal, and other items, but direct ingots themselves do not become such products; Rather, it is the intermediate products of steel production that are converted into rebars, beams, etc…

Ingot is: “The volume of metal that is produced in the casting process in the form of a specific mold to make transportation, storage and use of the metal easier.” These steel ingots are used to produce the following intermediate products:

  • billet (Produced with circle and square cross section. The longer length of the billet than the ingot has led to the use of billets in the production of rebars and wires (products that require longer lengths). The surface of the billet is less than 15 cm wide.) The 3sp billet has higher flexibility (traction and bending) than the 5sp billet. The 5sp billet is stronger than the 3sp billet. Its cross section is less than 230 mm
  • bloom (It is a type of billet with a longer length that also has a larger cross section. Bloom is used to make beams. Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns.) Its cross section is more than 230 mm
  • slab (Slabs are another steel product made from steel ingots. The slab has a rectangular cross section and a length of 4 to 12 meters and is used in the manufacture of steel sheets.) Its cross section is 1250 x 230 mm

Types of sheets made of slabs types are:

  • Steel sheet: The positive features of steel sheet are recyclability, high hardness and strength of the sheet.
  • Stainless steel sheet: beautiful appearance, corrosion resistant, useful life and long life, recyclability is one of the most important features of stainless steel sheet.
  • Anti-wear sheet: High strength and durability and good weldability are the characteristics of this type of sheet.
  • Punch sheet: High strength and vibration control is the most important feature of this type of sheet.
  • Shadow line sheet: It can be used in many construction projects due to its light weight and corrosion resistance.

Structural Steel Slab Buy

Structural Steel Slab Buy In fact, the importance of steel slab uses in the production of various steel products can not be ignored. In addition, the production of this world-class product has caused us to witness the supply and manufacture of various steel products with different applications and special trade names. slabs are the raw material for the production of steel sheets, coils and coils, steel strips, welded pipes, tubes, corners and press studs.

Adherence to the production standards of this product can increase the demand for it in the global market. Our company, as an exporter of steel slabs, tries to offer the highest quality products that have been produced in full compliance with international standards to the international market.