Stainless Steel Slab at Best Price

The price of stainless steel slab depends on various factors, including the factors that affect the final price of this product. The quality of its construction. In general, the clearer and more durable the product, the higher the purity resulting in quality. It is higher and has a higher price. To know the exact price of satainless steel, you can visit our site and contact support to be informed of the current price.

Stainless Steel Slab at Best Price

3 Different Sizes of Stainless Steels Slab

3 Different Sizes of Stainless Steels Slab Stainless steel slab as a rectangular steel product with a width between 650 mm to a maximum of 2000 mm, a thickness of 200 to 250 mm and a variable length of 4 to 12 meters and for the production of flat steel products such as sheets, plates and coils and also in Heavy machinery industry is used.

Due to the fact that slabs have gained a special place among steel products, they are produced in iron smelters, where the steel plant is known for producing slabs. Due to the fact that for the past few years, this product has been produced in accordance with international standards and exported to various Asian and even European countries.

But if we want to talk about the size and dimensions of this product in a general view, we must inform you that the sizes of these steel slabs are different and they are produced and made in small, medium and large dimensions and sizes, so those Those who are in the construction business will not have a problem in this regard and can buy any size of this product for their building.

Can stainless steel Be Used in Concrete?

Can stainless steel Be Used in Concrete? One of the most important metals used in construction is the steel slab use. Unfortunately, the low quality of materials and concrete used for construction, due to the small coating thickness on steel, cracks over time, resulting in water penetration. When the composition and ratio of concrete ingredients are not in accordance with standard principles, for example, the ratio of water to cement is higher and salt is present in the mixed water, the risk of corrosion of reinforcing steel increases. Also, calcium chloride in weather conditions Cold is added to the concrete, causing the steel to corrode.

The increasing increase in reinforced stainless steel can be justified in comparison with the initial costs, maintenance costs, replacement costs and operating costs incurred when using carbon steel slabs. In practice, stainless steel slabs have been used in many concrete structures and have long-lasting resistance to corrosive attacks.

stainless steel may also be considered for chemical infrastructure, where corrosion resistance is important. Stainless steel slabs, which offer a good combination of high strength, ductility and high corrosion resistance, have been used to build bridges and other structures in earthquake-prone areas. Stainless steel slabs have been used successfully in electric motor foundations and in the construction of similar buildings and equipment.

Stainless Steel Slab Exportation

Stainless Steel Slab Exportation Exports of steel slab products have increased significantly in recent years. The reason for this should be sought in the price and quality of the product. Basically, in the field of selling these stainless steel slabs, it can be said that if the product does not have a variety of designs and colors or is not of good quality; It will lose its customers over time. So the slab exporter should look for the reasons for the popularity of these products in order to be able to choose the best option for export.

Export of steel slabs is one of the most important activities of our company, which we have been able to achieve by exporting the best type to different parts of Iran and the world, which by producing steel products we have been able to gain very good customers in this field. Today, all of them are completely satisfied with the quality of our goods and we are witnessing a thriving market.